Collection Agnostic NFT Staking

TTKKNN is collection agnostic ERC721 nft staking. This means that independent collections can group together and earn the same ERC20 token–TTKKNN–as a reward for block based staking. This token can then be a general use token for the space that anyone can build upon.

TTKKNN gives a way for independent collections and creators to have a common platform on which to build and create. Initial liquidity for TTKKNN will be provided by the Evooles ERC721 collection, which itself looks to bring a nondescript aesthetic representative of everyone.

ttkknns are 100,000 free on-chain ERC721 tokens. This is an entirely different way of approaching the 100,000 mint collection. Instead of a gateway for a specific collection, they can serve as a key for the whole space.

The use cases for ttkknn are open for creativity. Create a clothing or music drop and have a gated invite to allow anyone with a ttkknn to purchase. Brands, companies and creatives can incorporate ttkknn as a general use token that presents a product or experience to a wide audience within the space with income inclusivity built in.

Collection Agnostic NFT Staking